You can find samples of my work below. This includes research, creative non-fiction, and essays.

Migraines: A Neurobiological Adaptive Alarm System

ABSTRACT Most people will experience at least one migraine in their lifetime. For chronic sufferers, migraine is a complex and confusing disease that afflicts and disables. Various treatments for migraines exist and ranges from home remedies to prescription medication. These treatments may or may not work, leaving the patient to try various medications throughout their […]

The Monoculture of Morning Ambrosia

A morning without coffee either means that I am sick or that I overslept. Either way, a morning without coffee means a bad day. The delicious aroma wakes me up in the morning (assuming I am prepared enough to set up the coffee maker the night before) and at this point, I’m sure my blood […]

Feet-stealing Strangers and a Good Night’s Sleep

When I was younger and a frequent participant in sleepovers (after the prank phone calls and truths about our crushes and dares about ding-dong-ditching the neighbors had grown tiresome) ghost stories were my favorite. I listened with the hardened demeanor only a 10-year-old could have—nothing was ever scary enough. That is, until I heard the […]

The Ethics of Child-bearing for the Environmentalist

“Where’s your engagement ring?! Where are my grandbabies?!” “Oh, don’t hold the baby, you’ll catch the fever!” “It’s like I’m preparing you for when you’re a mom!” Quotes from women older than me, directed towards me, about future me. My response usually includes some light laughter and a quiet,  “Not yet.” I haven’t thought much […]